Creative Expression in Quarantine


Photo Courtesy CredibleMind

Oh, quarantine, how I’ve become tired of your confining walls and stark silence. Yearning for change, I explored different ways of self-expression during my spare time. Although we are confined to relatively small spaces, personal growth and creativity know no limits. On a sunny day, when you feel like taking a spontaneous trip for the weekend I encourage you to pack a day bag and some art supplies. This adventure led me to the cliffs of Malibu where I sat atop a hill and painted the sunset. Watercolor and acrylic painting are therapeutic; they let your imagination roam free and help you temporarily forget about quarantine. Art and writing can help bring yourself into a space that feels like your own. Step outside of your routine for a few seconds and catch your breath. Working and determination are well and good, but as we know mental and personal health is crucial, so take some time to do what you need for you. If you aren’t much of an artsy person, I recommend going to a place where you feel comfortable, take a piece of paper and write everything that’s on your mind. These don’t have to be cohesive sentences or a proper journal entry, just enough to expel everything you’re thinking about. Who knows, you may surprise yourself with all the tasks and ideas you have floating around in your head. We have a lot of responsibilities as students, now more than ever, and this process can help you clear your mind and mentally reset for the next day, week, or month. But what if you aren’t into art or writing? I’ve got you covered. Everyone likes food, and now is a great time to experiment with new recipes and expand your palate. When you feel like you need a break but are craving that special something, find out how to make it! I remember turning my kitchen into a Beignet bakery and let me tell you it was worth it. Cooking and baking are great stress-neutralizers and give you something productive to do, rather than stressing about that APUSH test you have next week. Make it fun, try new flavors, and above all, don’t give up. Cooking is chemistry. How do you think great chefs come up with their signature dishes? If you were thinking they use their imagination to experiment then you’re right. But wait, let’s say you don’t like art, writing, or cooking, then what? Good question, and fortunately I  have an answer. I recommend heading to the beach: (with masks and social distancing in mind) bring a towel and your hand-selected food of choice. Here you can do anything, lay in the sand, have a picnic, go for a jog, or maybe take up surfing. Simply getting out of the house and experiencing the simple pleasures of life can boost your mood and leave a great end to an otherwise boring day. I’ve learned that no matter what you invest your time into, be it art, music, athletics, or cooking, they can make your day that much more enjoyable and quarantine slightly more tolerable.