Global Studies


Photo courtesy Photo Courtesy to National Geographics

Prep has recently announced this year’s five Global Studies trips, in which students will travel to every corner of the world, digging deep to discover the rich culture and history of diverse destinations, participating in cultural and artistic endeavors, and performing service projects to help vulnerable communities. 

Students will be given the opportunity to take a journey to Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia (June 1-11) on a trip led by Mr. Wagstaff that will explore the boundaries of civilizations where cultures collide. This region of Europe has been a cultural crossroads for various civilizations throughout history, including the Roman, Byzantine and Austro-Hungarian Empires. According to Mr. Wagstaff, the focus of the trip is “looking at a cultural frontier and how its borders have gone backward and forward”. The trip will include stops at several beautiful and historic cities including Venice and Dubrovnik. It is open to students in grades 8-11.

The next trip is to Andorra, a tiny country in the Pyrenees mountains bordering Spain (May 27-June 4), will be led by Ms Gee and will focus on observing the raw beauty of the area and studying its diverse ecosystems, including hands-on interactions with wildlife. Participants will gain a fuller understanding of the environment and its needs, learning the consequences of lost ecosystems and the reliance of different species on one another.  The trip is open to students in grades 9-11.

On Prep’s second trip to China (June 1-12), led by Mr. Fritz, students will experience the country beyond the typical tourist destinations. Going from mountains of Chengdu through the developing city of Kunming to Beijing, Mr Fritz describes how travelers will, “explore China more deeply, traveling off the beaten path to places more rarely visited by Western tourists; to connect with individuals in China, learning about their hopes and daily lives; and to probe the narratives of China as it is portrayed in the United States.” This trip is open to grades 9-11.

Open to Spanish speakers, a trip to Mexico City (June 21-28) led by Señor Nunez will focus on understanding and fighting the water crisis there. Participants will work alongside other students from California and Texas to install rainwater harvesting systems to help the community.  The project is overseen by a nonprofit organization, the Isla Urbana Foundation. This trip will offer a unique perspective into the water crisis in one of the biggest cities in the Western Hemisphere. This trip is open to grades 10-11.

Led by Mr. Rodriguez, a trip to Cuba (May 31-June 8) will offer students interested in the visual and performing arts a unique exploration of Cuban culture and the opportunity to connect with new people. Mr. Rodriguez says, “this trip allows students to reflect and become conscious of how other people communicate about their social, political, and personal realities through art.” It is an unusual opportunity to forge genuine connections with locals, “because of the personal relationships that I have through my family and Cuban artists’ friends, this trip allows students to experience Cuba from a unique lens.” The trip enables students to magnify their “overall sensibilities and supports them to develop into global citizens that are empathetic, creative, thoughtful and eager to learn about other cultures and their people.” The trip is open to grades 10-11.

More information and applications for these trips can be found on OnCampus under Resources, on the Global Studies page, and questions can be sent to trip leaders or Global Studies Coordinator Ms Herskind. Applications are due October 31.