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The Flintridge Press is the official student newspaper of Flintridge Preparatory School. As it is essential to preserve the freedom of the press in order to preserve a free society and provide students with relevant information pertinent to their educational growth and prudent to their concern as students of the school and community, the Flintridge Press staff has adopted the following editorial policy to express the rights, responsibilities, and philosophy of this newspaper for the school year.

The Flintridge Press is an accessible public forum which provides information and entertainment in addition to various viewpoints on debatable issues in the form of editorials. All sides of the issue will be presented and reviewed, as to refrain from any bias, with exception of opinions. In news, all sides of a school, community, city, state, nation or international political issue will be presented factually, as to inform, rather than to promote or endorse.

The mission of the Flintridge Press is to embody the intellectual diversity of the student voice in an honest and engaging manner. 

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