Following A Brief Hiatus, In-Person Book Day Returns


Photo courtesy Emma Wang

Prep Book Day (2019)

Following a year of virtual events, Prep’s annual Book Day celebration made its successful return on Thursday, August 26. The campus-wide festivities lasted for several hours, combining administrative tasks, such as receiving textbooks and opening lockers, with treats, games, and other recreational activities. In true Prep community spirit, every student in 7th-12th grade was invited to attend the function, which was facilitated by parent volunteers and faculty members. Book Day is part of a long-standing tradition of welcoming the Prep community back after summer vacation, and it is one of the most widely-attended Flintridge Prep events. 

Due to coronavirus restrictions, Book Day 2020 was a drive-thru, contactless affair. Despite the hiatus, the 2021 event brought back activities that were Book Day staples from years past. Fan favorites included a dunk tank, cotton candy machine, snow cone machine, and the critically-acclaimed puppy pen. Sofia Yu ‘22 claims that she most enjoyed “the pink lemonade snow cones,” referring to them as “one of the many highlights of [her] Book Day experience.”. Student volunteer Veronica Habashy ‘22 was more interested in discussing her experience working at the cotton candy machine, humorously recalling that she “overpoured the sugar” and “became the cotton candy.”. Habashy’s volunteer shift was part of a Big Four effort, spearheaded by the four major student leadership organizations on campus––ACL, SCAC, Student Senate, and FLINT.

While the traditional Flintridge Prep Book Day essence was preserved, several minor adjustments were made to this year’s celebration. Instead of a collective book-gathering stampede through every classroom, students received labeled boxes containing all of their individual materials. Masks were not required outdoors, but COVID-friendly restrictions remained in place inside the gym and classrooms. An obstacle course was also added to the festivities, which replaced several other fun physical activities from past Book Days. Despite small alterations, Book Day 2021 revived a quintessential community tradition, setting an enthusiastic tone for the upcoming school year.