11 of the Best Thanksgiving Episodes to Binge Watch This Thanksgiving Break


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This Thanksgiving break you will have ample time to watch all 11 of these Thanksgiving episodes, from Gilmore Girls, The Office, Gossip Girl,  to Friends.  I can guarantee you these are some of the all-time most hilarious and interesting Turkey-Day episodes you can find on Netflix to watch while eating Thanksgiving leftovers. 


#11 Modern Family

 “Three Turkeys”  (Season 3, Episode 8)

This chaotic episode of Modern Family starts with Phil and Luke making the turkey for the Thanksgiving feast. I mean, what can go wrong? Luckily, Claire has prepared a backup turkey, expecting nothing will go accordingly. Jay and Gloria’s trips get canceled, which means a casual yet cozy Thanksgiving dinner at home. Unfortunately, it becomes another dysfunctional family dinner for the families. 


#10 The O.C   

 “The Homecoming”  (Season 1, Episode 11)

Oh, it’s the early 2000’s in Newport Beach, Harbor High rich kids just got out for Thanksgiving break and you know what that means and a deliciously catered meal. Season 1 Episode 11 of The O.C called The Homecoming takes place right in the essence of Newport, as the Cohen household shockingly hosts Thanksgiving dinner. Where do I even start with this episode? In this crazy 45 minutes, Ryan Attwood takes a quick excursion down memory lane to go back to Chino to visit his older brother Trey, who is in jail. This leads to Ryan getting beaten by some old friends. But honestly, what kind of The O.C episode would this be if Ryan didn’t get in a fight? Not to mention the house nearly burns into flames because they forgot to take the turkey out of the oven, which results in everyone ordering Chinese take-out to finish off a night of drunk adults and angry teenage girls. Nothing can truly compare to the drama that fills this episode. From the sarcastic humor Seth Cohen delivers (which is the sole reason for the views) to the iconic rich Newport Beach moms, yet problematic Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. 


#9 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 

Of course, we can’t forget this childhood classic that we all watched religiously growing up. This Thanksgiving feast always looked so decadent, consisting of a delicious array of entrees including but not limited to buttered toast, pretzel sticks, a handful of popcorn, and a few jelly beans. This episode of Charlie Brown is a must-watch during the holiday season. 


#8 The Office WUPHF.com” (Season , Episode 9) 

This “unofficial” Thanksgiving episode of The Office centers around Ryan’s sales pitch for a communication tool system called “WUPHF” (pronounced as “woof.”) “WUPHF” is a way for people to send messages to others, going to multiple social media platforms at once. Ryan is desperate for people in the office to invest in his idea. However, everyone is skeptical of the company’s success. Egocentric Ryan, acting absorbed about money, becomes unaware that his company can barely survive for nine days.  But of course, he is still heavily persistent on having an “investors ski trip.” Dwight, on the other hand, is running a Hay Festival in the office’s parking lot. This attraction lures in many eager children waiting to be crowned the “hay king” but knowing Dwight he ends up crowning himself as king.   


#7 How I Met Your Mother “Slapsgiving” (Season 3, Episode 9)

This Thanksgiving is not like any other with your usual holiday activities, but instead an ultimate slap war between Barney and Marshall. The episode is premised on Marshall, being the winner of the slap bet (which happened in a prior episode) having a grand plan to use his slap on Barney during Thanksgiving, getting its name “Slapsgiving”. Marshal creates a website counting down until the big slap. Meanwhile, Robin and Ted are still trying to act like friends even after the post-breakup awkwardness. The whole night Marshall taunts Barney with his big opportunity to slap him right in the face. From the comical, yet petty, slap jokes Marshall says, to the song Marshall sings on the piano about slapping Barney, this Thanksgiving episode of How I Met Your Mother will make you cry with laughter.


#6 Pretty Little Liars “Taking This One to the Grave” (Season 5, Episode 12)

Did you miss me? Happy Thanksgiving -A 

It’s Thanksgiving day in Rosewood and the Liars are in for a treat as the feud with Allison is starting up again and this episode begins with a 36-hour flash forward.  Not to mention Spencer Hastings gets arrested for murder, while her boyfriend gets in a car accident. This cryptic episode ending keeps you on the edge of your seat, resulting in Mona getting murdered by A. Thanksgiving in Rosewood is truly like no other with blood, lies, murders, and interrogations at the police department, quite literally nothing can compare.  


#5  Parks and Recreations “The Harvest Festival” (Season 3, Episode 7) 

If you’ve seen Parks and Rec’s you remember the celebrity guest, “Lil’ Sebastian” Pawnees, beloved 25-year-old pony. In this episode, Leslie and the gang prepare for the famous “Harvest Festival ” but Leslie starts drama with a tribe leader, who sets a “Wamapoke ” curse on the festival, and “Lil’ Sebastian” goes missing. This hilarious episode is of everyone fantasizing and obsessing over a pony and enjoying the hectic festival.  


#4 “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” (Season 3, Episode 9)

In Stars Hollow, the best time of year is obviously Fall! From the bright orange leaves on the trees to Luke’s diner pumpkin pancakes, nothing beats Thanksgiving dinner with Lorelai and her parents. In this episode, Lorelai and Rory have committed to four Thanksgiving dinners. In order to attend them all, they skip the dinner rolls and move every hour. A highlight of the episode is that Dave Rygalski makes a special appearance in the Kim household.  Viewers are taken through four different Thanksgiving feasts that include tofurkey at the Kim house, a deep-fried turkey at Sookie’s place, a casual dinner with Jess and Luke, and a formal and elegant feast at Elanora and Richards’s mansion.  The night wraps up with Lorelai and Rory at Luke’s diner shoving dinner rolls into their mouths and Dean and Jess getting into a fight about Rory. Needless to say, who doesn’t love the tension between the two?


#3 New Girl 

“Parents” (Season 2, Episode, 8)

This Parent Trap inspired, fan-favorite episode of New Girl is based around Jess trying to “Parent Trap” her divorced parents back together during Thanksgiving, and you can probably guess how that went. The episode features special appearances from Jamie Lee Curtis, Rob Reiner, and Rob Riggle. Schmidt is trying to claim  his masculinity by competing with the “Big Schmidt,” his rival cousin, both desperately trying to be the “Big Schmidt.”


#2 Friends 

“The One With the Football” (Season 3, Episode 9)

If you have seen Friends you remember this iconic and hilarious football episode where all of them decide to play a friendly game of football which quickly escalates to Chandler and Joey fighting over Dutch models. All of The Friends Thanksgiving episodes always manage to get a kick out of everyone but, “The One With the Football,” season 3, episode 9 is by far the best one out of the 10 Thanksgiving episodes. Ross, Rachael, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey all play an exciting game of football to see who wins the Geller Cup. Racheal is sporting her pigtails with a green crop top attempting to tackle Joey as Rachael, Phoebe, and Ross lose the competitive game. Monica, of course, is cooking a feast, and Ross and Monica’s sibling rivalry is taken to another level in this football game. This Thanksgiving, after you stuff your face with pie, you absolutely have to watch this episode of Friends if you want to laugh your face off watching. 


#1 Gossip Girl

 “The Treasure of Serena Madre”(Season 3, Episode 11)

Hey, Upper East Side’s Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you know what that means… lies, betrayal, bland catered turkey, and most certainly a big slice of drama with Manhattan’s elite.  Like all Gossip Girl Thanksgiving episodes, they never fail to disappoint, especially season 3 episode 11, “The Treasure of Serena Madre.” The best part of this episode is the last three minutes when an ungodly amount of dirty looks and rolled eyes are exchanged in the Van der Woodsen’s penthouse. In this episode, all the drama manages to get dished out at a packed Thanksgiving dinner table with everyone sitting around an array of food that doesn’t get touched while wine glasses are constantly being refilled. Of course, the infamous four: Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woodsen, Nate Archibald, and Chuck Bass are seated at the table, as well as Dan Humphrey, Vanessa Abrams, Lily Bass, Rufus Humphrey, and Vanessa’s mom, Gabrielle. The table isn’t done yet.  There is also Eleanor Waldorf and Lily’s mother, Cece. The icing on the cake is Trip Vanderbilt, and his wife Maureen attending this Thanksgiving gathering. Little does Maureen know her husband is having an affair with Serena. And if you forgot who Trip is, he is Nate’s congressman cousin. Don’t worry though this gets revealed in the span of 3 minutes while the iconic Jason Derulo song “Whatcha Say” is playing in the background and Kristen Bell’s soothing voice is narrating all of the drama. Meanwhile, Little J finds out Eric Van der Woodsen had sabotaged the cotillion for her, and oh I forgot to mention Blair thinks her mom, Elanore is pregnant and is trying to get her to admit it, but Blair ends up telling the whole table. To add to that Vanessa is having mom drama because her mom was a horrible parent. Maureen is framing Serena with a video of her and Trip all while Rufus realizes his wife has been having an affair with another man. Ultimately, the episode ends with everyone’s wine glasses overflowing as Vanessa, Little J, Serena, and Lily storm out of the room. And well, it wouldn’t be a classic Gossip Girl episode if Rufus Humphrey wasn’t forcing a corny Thanksgiving joke and wine down everyone’s throats as petty “cheers” go around the table. So remember this Thanksgiving dinner not only be grateful for friends and family but be thankful that this amount of drama isn’t happening to you, this doesn’t even happen on a typical episode of the Bachelor. Gossip Girl hands down have the best Thanksgiving episodes ever. The hardest part is just picking one out of the five double-drama Turkey-Day episodes to watch. It truly wouldn’t be a Gossip Girl episode if everyone’s secrets weren’t exposed, tears weren’t shed, and friendships weren’t broken by the end. 

Xoxo Gossip Girl