A Quest for a Dress


Photo Courtesy Dávid Lukács / 2021 Ada Films Ltd

The movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, released July 15, 2022, is now in theaters.  It is the third adaptation of the 1958 novel Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris by Paul Gallico and focuses on the pursuit of beauty.  The film explores a middle-aged woman’s quest for a dress.  

When Mrs. Harris, a middle-aged war widow working as a cleaning lady, sees her employers’ custom-made Dior gown, she decides she must have one too. She does not want it for vanity or to elevate her status but simply because she thinks it is beautiful. With hard work and luck, Mrs. Harris finally collects enough money to fly to Paris and retrieve her gown. But when she arrives in Paris, difficulties arise. Many embrace the friendly and good-natured Mrs. Harris, but others resent her and refuse to accept her as worthy of Paris’ high-class society. Some do not think she deserves a Christian Dior gown or are under the impression she will taint the reputation of the house of Dior.  

With her honesty and amiable personality, Mrs. Harris helps those around her and improves the lives of all she meets. She shares her wisdom with others by serving and loving them with humility and kindness. Mrs. Harris befriends Andre, an accountant, and Natasha, a Dior model. She encourages them to share their ideas with the world and not belittle themselves. After returning home with her gown, Mrs. Harris, true to her kind-hearted self, lends her more treasured possession to one of her clients, hoping to help her in her aspirations to become an actress.   Her client burns the dress during an event, causing Mrs. Harris to feel devastated. Thankfully, her friends in Paris hear about the news and send her a new one.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris demonstrates that everyone has dreams, but only some, like Mrs. Harris, are brave enough to go after them, even when faced with the judgment of others. In our pursuit of beauty, we should support and encourage each other in remembering that regardless of position or rank, we can all pursue our dreams.  The movie is rated PG because the characters in the film drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.  It is a wholesome movie and a treat for the whole family to enjoy.