TikTok Star Nathan Apocada’s Journey


Photo Courtesy of KBOI

Nathan Apocada attended the recent inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris. Nathan Apocada, a 37 year old man, rose to fame through his viral TikTok video and climbed to the point of success. Although 2020 was a hard year for everyone, Nathan Apocada marked the happy ending and a new start. The Tik Tok star who acted under the username @420doggface208, frequently uploaded videos of him dancing and lip syncing. His viral video was one in which he rode his skateboard down the road while drinking an Ocean Spray cranberry juice and lip syncing. That video got over a million views in 24 hours and he was acclaimed. 

The truth behind that video was that while Mr. Apocada was going to work at the potato farm, his rusty car broke down. He didn’t have time to call tow, so he took out his skateboard and quickly skateboarded to the farm. He decided to take a video and right before he went to work, he uploaded it. At that time, he didn’t realize that the video would lead him to his brewing fame. 

Nathan Apocada was a poor man who had 2 daughters and barely any money. He had to do hard labor at the potato farm for 20 years. He had barely $200 when he uploaded the video. He was trying his best to support his family by hand making beanies, but that didn’t earn him enough money. He had even once ended up living in the parking lot of Walmart and was homeless. He wanted to save money, so he would always buy big jugs of cranberry juice instead of the little bottles. As a Native-Mexican person, people often cast him out. 

After his viral video, he came home to find a free truck and 100s of cranberry juices in his backyard. The company of the juice, Ocean Spray, sent the man a 2020 Nissan Frontier free of any taxes or charges. After this, Nathan suddenly started getting countless donations to him from his fans who saw his request for help on social media. He decided to use the money of $10,000 by giving his mother half and buying his father a truck. But, even after that, more money kept coming in. So Nathan saved up until he received enough money to get a down payment for a house. One happy day, Nathan and his wife finally got the call for a new house that would be perfect for them. 

Nathan didn’t stop there. After receiving so much support, he decided to give back by teaming up with Boston Market and donating to the community. So after Thanksgiving, he flew to LA and distributed 100 meals to the homeless. He knew how hard it was to survive on the streets with no money, and he did his best to support them. 

Just recently, he attended Joe Biden’s inauguration and uploaded a redo of his viral video, but this time, he was skating in front of the white house with an American flag. Although he is older than many other famous Tik Tok stars, he was the only star who attended the inauguration because he represented a glorious success story of starting at the bottom and climbing to the top. Idaho named a holiday after him and a signed cranberry juice was donated to an Idaho museum. Nathan Apocada made many people’s 2020 a tad bit better.