Casting Legally Blonde for the 2021-2022 Production: with Mr. Roy


Photo courtesy MTV

The Broadway production of Legally Blonde.

This year’s musical is the witty, hilarious, and engaging Legally Blonde. Finally returning to in-person performances, the talented cast of Legally Blonde includes:

Angela Henderson & Silvia Gibilaro in the lead role, Elle Woods

Liam Chia & Oscar Yum as Warner Huntington III

Maxine Park as Vivienne Kensington

Kyle Snaer as Emmett Forrest

Regan Sakai, Elizabeth Guyer, and Kennedy King as Margot, Serena, and Pilar  

Dri DeFaria as Brooke Wyndham

Malia Weiss as Paulette Buonufonte

Eli Marion as Professor Callahan 

Wyatt Fishman as Kyle 

Noah Fineman-Shyn as Dewey 

Amelie Besch as Kiki 

Grace McConnell as Chutney Wyndham


In the ensemble is Ella Ghazarian, Ellie Choi, Jordan Gasper, Lucas Stanton, Mason Hare, Maya Hakushi, Ruth Liorsdottir, Steinunn Liorsdottir. Sabrina Bahadosingh is dance captain, and Bella Bonfante, Gabrielle King, Gya Rodriguez, Manya Lalwani, and Mia Moore Walker are featured dancers. 


This year’s cast is filled with many talented young performers. The selective process of musical casting is an intriguing process that is often overlooked. When asked about his favorite moment of the audition process, the co-director of the musical, Mr. Roy, describes a magical moment when “It was the very first time I heard a group of kids sing “Omigod You Guys” together. Almost every single girl who auditioned for this show sang this song solo, and they sang it really well, but at the end of the day it is an ensemble number, it’s all about hearing the power of several voices together and hearing that for the first time in callbacks, with, I think there were only eight or nine girls, but singing their faces off, gave me chills.” Still, every cast has a lead and the complex process of picking two to four people to lead an entire show involves many steps. When asked what these steps were, Mr. Roy, painted a picture of this process, stating that “First is a basic … talent and confidence in all three, acting, singing and dancing, these are all pretty important.” These three skills are very important in the process as they allow for a lead who can excel in all parts of the musical, but these skills are almost a necessity with the musical selection. Legally Blonde is a contemporary show and unlike some classical musicals, incorporates more dance and spoken dialogue. However, Mr. Roy continues that “The most important thing I’m looking for in the lead roles is to make sure that they’re bringing something creative and unique.” Creativity allows for a show that represents not only the original interpretation of the character but also the actor’s personal interpretation. 

This year the two main characters, Elle and Warner, were double cast. When asked about the reasoning for this decision, Mr. Roy explains that Angela, Silvia, Liam, and Oscar each “bring something very different to the role. Both Angie and Sylvia have very different approaches, same for Warner, and this will allow for a very specific and distinct show.” This double casting will ensure that the audience will never see the same performance twice, and every performance will have a unique twist that will enthrall the audience. 

As rehearsals for the musical begin to start, excitement and anticipation for what to come is prominent. Mr. Roy states his feelings on the upcoming rehearsal process with this cast: “We haven’t had a musical performance live in a really long time. So I’m excited to get everyone to hear what it sounds like with this cast doing a 21st century musical for the first time.” It is clear this year’s musical cast will be filled with talented students from all grades who will give an extraordinary performance.