Prep Spring Dance Concert: Road Trip

Prep Spring Dance Concert: Road Trip

This year’s Spring Dance Concert was a hit for the Prep community. The show was put on by the dance department, with numbers from 8th Grade Dance, Dance II, Dance III, and Dance Company as well as Hip Hop Club, Contemporary Club, Middle School Dance Company, and independent auditioned dances. 

The theme was “Road Trip,” an open-ended topic that allowed students to explore choreography with refreshing inspiration and creativity. The numbers were based on a variety of subjects, ranging from ghost towns, radio stations, daydreaming in the car, and even carsickness. Styles such as contemporary, lyrical, jazz, musical theater, and hip hop were incorporated into routines, showing off the versatility and skill of dancers at Prep.

An all-boys hip hop number entitled “Rowdy & Rambunctious” featured juniors and seniors and was a particular crowd favorite. Choreographed by Jacob Lee ‘23, the routine included exciting songs from artists such as Bruno Mars and Britney Spears. Another notable piece was “Order Up!” by Dance Company, a dance about a pit stop at a diner that was memorable for its costumes, props, and energetic choreography.

To tie all of these routines together, short acting scenes throughout the show were performed by Dance Company ‘22 seniors Adrienne deFaria, Tori Velazco y Trianosky, Malia Weiss, and Ellen White to create a road trip themed narrative. The show ended with the seniors’ last high school road trip coming to a close as they went their separate ways. White ‘22 reflects on her time in the dance department.

“My favorite part about the dance concert is those moments that you have with people before the dances and after that make it about so much more than dancing.” White believes the dance concert experience is similar to that of the acclaimed spring musical, and she would love for it to grow more in the future. “I really hope that dance can pick up some speed at Prep and that people can start recognizing the work that everybody puts in.”