2020’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes


Photo Courtesy JW.org

As 2020 progresses and inches closer to its end, some of the most important celebrations and holidays are right around the corner! October’s spookiest day, Halloween, is just a few weeks away. Although Halloween has been considered canceled for California by Gavin Newson, that shouldn’t stop you from getting in the spirit in the comfort of your own home. Halloween costumes tend to be something you either have planned for months in advance or you put together last minute. Here are some of 2020’s most popular socially distanced Halloween costumes to spare you the pressure of a costume’s demanding creativity! 

  1. A disco dancer: put together some flamboyant accessories and wide-legged pants and you’re all set to dance around your living room! You could even elevate your costume further with a headband, beaded jewelry, or sparkly shoes. 
  2. A sports player: this costume is perfect for staying comfortable on Halloween! Put on merchandise from your favorite sports team and decorate with some hats, socks, wristbands, or face paint that support your team. 
  3. The Wild West: spruce up your casual jeans and tee shirt with a western hat of your choice. This costume could require you to get crafty! A fun Halloween night activity could be to decorate your very own hat with whatever colors, patterns, or materials that you love. This craft could even act as a fun Zoom or socially distanced activity with your friends or family. Get creative!! 
  4. A movie or TV character: dress up as your favorite movie or television show character. If you plan to keep it low-key on Halloween, try to find a pajama onesie of your character to maintain the spirit while still staying comfortable. This costume idea is perfect for a night filled with Halloween movies and candy!

Many Halloween lovers are struggling to process that trick-or-treating will be M.I.A. this year. Although this is disheartening, there are so many alternative treats and celebrations to replace the classic candy collecting. For instance, you can visit a pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin that you find to be a perfect art canvas. Gather some sharpies, paint, stickers, and other craft supplies laying around your home and decorate a pumpkin for your front porch. You can also pick up the classic Pillsbury sugar cookies and bake a batch for your movie night. If you are an adamant trick or treater, you can put together mini treat bags and drop them off in your neighbors’ mailboxes. To be extra safe, wear gloves and sanitize when preparing the baggies! To celebrate an extra spirited Halloween, try to incorporate some FPS Wolves pride into your Halloweek through Senate’s Halloween Bingo Board. Many of these activities are slots on the bingo board and give you an opportunity to win some extra Wolf Spirit points and maybe a prize if you participate! You can’t forget about school spirit on one of the most spirit-filled days of the year! There are so many alternatives to a classic Halloween celebration that can still provide you with an exciting, spooky day!