Rebels’ Football Starts off the Season Strong


Photo courtesy Valentina Martinez

The MOB cheers on the Rebels’ Football.

Prep football’s first game of the year not only marked the beginning of a new season but was also the first game under the new lights on the football field on Thursday, August 30.  Construction and work on the lights took place during the summer so that they were ready for operation when the season started.

The season opener was against the Sun Valley Wildcats.  Players on the team were optimistic and confident going into the game but not complacent.  Wide Receiver and cornerback Evan Gi ’20 said, “we knew that they were big, tough and athletic,” but they weren’t sure of “their ability to actually play football.”  This mentality showed in their play. Prep started early and didn’t relent. Quarterback John Lytle ’19 and running back Tommy Porter ’21 had especially particularly strong showings.  Lytle went 9-11 passing with three touchdowns and Porter had two rushing touchdowns as well as a punt return for a touchdown. The Rebels’ explosive offense and staunch defense carried the team to a 78-0 stomp over the Wildcats.

Photo courtesy Mei-Li Okumura
Quarterback John Lytle ’19 making a play in the first game of the season.

The victory was an encouraging sign for the team as they begin their season, however, the focus of the night was not entirely on the game.  The new lights were a welcome addition for the team. Gi and running back Alex Payne ’19 were very excited about the benefits of the new lights.  Gi was enthusiastic in his appreciation for the lights, noting problems last year of lack of visibility or “the lights getting in our faces,” both of which were solved by the addition of the lights.  Payne added, complimenting the fact that there were “no dark spots” and that they were “so good I didn’t even notice they were there.”

The lights were helpful for the players on the field but also for the fans.  The hype surrounding the first game of the year was added to by the excitement about the brand new lights.  ACL Spirit captain Mika Celeste ’19 described the atmosphere as “fresh and exciting,” adding that “kids from all different grades participated in the mob and wore white.”  She continued saying that “it couldn’t have been a better night for the occasion. We really appreciate the support and that it continues at the future games for all sports.”

To catch the Rebels play under the lights come out and support them at their next home game Friday September 21 at 7pm when they take on Villanova Prep.